how to force open my app on both android and iPhone when receive notification? - android

I am new in react-native, and what I want is to open the app when receiving notification and show to user an info screen .
it is possible to force open the app when receiving notification? either push notification or firebase notification?

I guess you want to open an app when user receive a notification. It is not possible because it's user choice to tap on notification to open the app and view the details.


Detecting if a user tapped a macOS push notification while the application is already open

I cannot figure out if a macOS application got active again because of tapping on a push notification or simply by reopening it again in another way.
I have an application that allows the users to chat with each other amongst other things. To remind the user of a new message I send them push notifications either when the app is not running or when the application is running but not active. When they have the app active it will show the notification internally and no notification is shown in the notification center.
When it's not running I can open my application from a push notification and figure out who sent the message in what conversation because it'll give you all the details in the aNotification Notification in applicationDidFinishLaunching so I know I have to perform something special immediately after launching like opening a certain chat.
But when the application is already running it'll call didReceiveRemoteNotification first, and when I open the application from the push notification there's no way to distinguish it from a regular tap on the application icon to get focus again or tapping the push notification in applicationDidBecomeActive. In iOS the application will always either be visible or coming from the background, this distinction doesn't exist so clearly on a desktop.
I need to know the application became active again because the user tapped a push notification and if so what the payload was of that notification so I can route the user to the right screen immediately.

Android, user send push notification when button clicked

Is there way a user can send a push notification when button clicked like push notification but from inside the application? . I tried to use local notifications but the notification is sent only to the user device and not to all the devices the app is installed on.
Thanks a lot.
It depends on your server, write addition Api that trigger push notification.

how to get push notification payload data when the app is in background in ionic framework,

Hi I'm able to get the push notification in my ionic android app. I can get the push notification when app is running or in background or closed.
I am alerting the notification payload data. When app is running when I send the push notification to the app I'm getting the alert with payload data.
When the app is in background or closed I get the notification. When I tap on the notification in the notification tray (i got to the app via notification tray ). I get the alert in the app when app opens.
But when app is in background or closed, I get the notification but when I got to the app via app icon or recent apps(not tapping the notification in the tray) I cannot get the alert.
I want to get the payload data when I go to the app by tapping the icon or recent apps too.
Please help me.

Is There any onPermissionChangeListener for android

So in my app Im use push notifications and I store the notification status of the users (true|false, if they have enabled notifications or not).
But lets say that the user is using the app and then he goes to the settings while the app open and changes the notifications permissions or while he is using the app a notification comes and he decided from the notification menu to block them.
Is there any listener in order to change the notification status at that that in the database?
You can check notification status using following code

Open specific component of React Native application if a push notification is received when the application is in background

I'm using Onesignal push notification service in my React Native application. How can I navigate to a specific component if a notification is received when the application is in background?
I could easily do this when the notification is opened manually, i.e. notification is received and user has tapped on the notification to open it.
I can even do this when the app is in foreground. I just add onReceived event listener described here.
But my question is how can I automatically open the application and navigate to a particular component when a notification is received?