Push db file to Databases folder in android - android

I wondered If it is possible to push db files into databases folder of an Android application either programatically or using any tool.
Thanks in advance!

Yes you can but not directly.
Typically a pre-built database would be included as an asset and copied to the databases folder for the package when the App is first run after installation.
If using this method then you should consider using SQLiteAssethelper, as using this simplifies the process.
In one of my App's I introduced a back-restore that backed-up the database and could restore from the downloads folder. If need be I can copy a database from elsewhere into the downloads folder and restore from that within the App. However obviously such a database has to have the correct structure/schema to not result in errors. So that is another way but would be at the user's discretion to do.
Obviously data/data//databases is protected so that imposes restrictions on "Pushing" data directly into the folder.


How can I bundle my database file into my app, ready for a side load install?

I am creating a Windows 10 Universal App which uses a local SQLite Database.
In order for the app to use the database file It must be placed in:
C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Packages\<Name of Package>\Local State
Now I understand this is the 'local' file structure for the application. However I have a pre-made database that the app needs to interact with and therefore should be bundled as part of the app on install.
Is there a method of including my database in a usable fashion when distributing my application via a side-load install?
Furthermore, This problem is of paramount importance as This 'C:\' Directory will not exist when pushing my application to the mobile phone or other Windows 10 (not a desktop) device.
You cannot package the database directly as read-write data (local state). If you only ever need to read from the database, you can just include it in your project and read it from Package.Current.InstalledLocation.
If you need to write to the database, but it contains some initial values you want to ship with your app, then you still need to include the database in your project, but then copy it from the InstalledLocation to ApplicationData.Current.LocalFolder if it doesn't exist when your app starts up.
You can all ways export your existing data base as SQL script and save it in your project assets.
On the first run of your application you can create the Sqlite file in your LocalFolder, and run the script with CREATE and INSERT queries.

Android APP only needs file for first execution, and should be deleted

I am creating an app that will use a SQLITE database. When the application runs for the first time, the database will be copied to database directory from assets. At that point, the copy of the database in assets is really a waste of storage. I am looking for a way to include the database in some file Android can reference and then delete. I have not found any thing approaching an automated solution.
Assets are bundled with your APK and they are read only. You cannot delete them in your app.
If you're really worried about storage usage, consider alternative database distribution mechanisms such as downloading it over the network.

Android database location in app directory

I don't understand why database files are stored in the android emulator or phone in the data folder data/data//databases rather than being stored in the application that uses it.
Logically, the database file must also be stored in the android app, right ?
If yes, where should it be stored in the app directory ?
Put your database in your assets folder, then its path is given by "/data/data/<your-package-name>/databases/<dbname>"
your database will be saved under data/data/myApp/database and not in any other folder but your application folder, since database consider as a private to your app, android make it hard for people with non-root access to see your database. you still can store it in any place you like just point to it from your app.

Using sqlite db created in Windows but to be accessed in Android

I already have a sqlite3 db file that I created in Windows, is there a way to package this file into my android application and access it as a sqlite db from within the application or do I have to create a db on application load or something in Android only?
The db has about a thousand records, so writing sql scripts again might be monotonous and cumbersome.
Got this link, seems to serve my purpose
Package it as an asset or raw resource. Copy it out from there onto the appropriate spot on the device. Downside: You will take up 1.5x to 2x the space on the flash (for the possibly-compressed copy stored in the APK plus the actual to-be-used copy).
Or, download the database from a server on first run.

Backup SQLite database and restore it back when the Android application is installed

I am building an Android application that fetches data from a cloud database and stores it in SQLite locally so that user does not need to fetch it again and again.
Now I need to find an efficient way to predefine a few rows in the SQLite database and provide it along with the APK. Is this possible? if so, how do I achieve it?
Yes it is possible.
You follow these steps :-
You create the database externally, populating it, and copy the file to your App's assets folder.
You may have to create the folder.
If using Android SQLiteAssetHelper then you will need to create a databases folder in the assets folder.
There are various tools for Creating and Managing SQLite Databases. e.g. Db Browser for SQLite.
You then need to modify your App to copy the file from the assets folder (or assets/databases folder) and then open the database. Noting that you only do the copy if the database doesn't already exist.
Using the Android SQLiteAssetHelper simplifies this process.