How can i crop the image by swipe to touchscreen in android studio? [on hold] - android

I have an image and i want crop it. I want hold a finger on screen and highlight an area. In result i want get an image, which located in highlighted area, for example in Bitmap or something like that. Is there such a library for Android Studio on Java?
May exist something written on opencv ?


android resize bubble image with capinsets

I have experience in iOS development and recently started working on android development too.
In iOS I did an implementation of resizableImageWithCapInsets: in order to resize the UIImage without altering the boundaries of image. The image is stretched from the inside only.
See this solution for iOS: UIImage how to resize bubble image with capInsets?
Is there anything similar in android? I want to use the same image file as I used in my iOS app and resize/stretch it from the inside only.

Highlight an background image with touch events(fingers) in android

I am new in Android and I'd like to know to highlight and image using touch event (using my finger). My approach is the next:
App use a image that is used as background, it contains text to be highlighted.
User highlight that image using his/her finger
I don't like to write directly over the image. I'm thinking in something like "Layers".
If is possible user should zoom the image because the image could be too large 5mp (the image is captured by the device camera)
I don't like to save the layer that contains the highlight because I actually need is have coordinates to have a box that will be used to extract information from the background image.
I hope someone could help me.

Android crop image like camscanner

I am developing a project which requires the image crop feature like camscanner android application,when a picture is taken and when user clicks the crop button, a rectangle overlay should be shown as in camscanner. Where the rectangle path can be stretched to any angle and can perform crop.please do help me with a solution.
I was referring to . but this as only rectangle overlay with 4 points.please do help me if any one has a link or solution!!
I had a similar requirement and I too didn't find any concrete solution similar to CamScanner, so I have taken the challenge and have implemented a scan library (on top of OpenCV, rich image processing library) similar to CamScanner which can be easily integrated into an existing application, using the library you will be able to select the exact edges in whatever angle and crop the document accordingly from the selected 4 edges and change the perspective transformation of the cropped image.
Github link of the Android ScanLibrary:

Image overlays In iOS and Android?

I am making an app where user captures an Image, then edit it by adding overlay texts, line drawings etc.
The image can be saved and can be edited by using any other device(iOS or Android).
The problem is that I have managed to get the texts and lines to be drawn in different devices, but they are not placed perfectly. I have taken the ratios of the text's size to the main image's size.
Please suggest me some library or direct me towards any Vision library which can do this by analyzing the image.
Let's take iOS as an example. In that case, you have to display the original image in a UIImageView. Depending the on the aspect ratio of the image and the size+orientation of the device's display, the position and size of the image on the screen will vary. In short, you will have a mapping between the image coordinates and the screen coordinates, which you have to calculate when the image is displayed.
Now you can create and display the overlay according to this mapping, and when the user is done with editing, convert the locations back to image coordinates. Only then you can write the contents of the overlay to the original image.
If you find this too much work, you can use Adobe Creative SDK (formerly Aviary SDK) to do the hard work for you.

How to draw Flag on Face Or Paint Or Overlay Image on Face or another Image in Android

I am developing a project in Android to Draw/Overlay/Paint flag or other image on Face. Or Draw/Overlay/Paint an Image with another image i.e. embed image into other. Take a close look below.
I am using the Face Detection Vision Api of Google, and get the Landmarks and even whole face and draw a simple rectangle around using An Introduction to Face Detection on Android
But the Question is:
- How to draw image on another image as shown above?
- Am I on the right path i.e. Face Detection and then draw something?
Please give me some sample code that how to start with or give me some github libs if available. Thanks.