Facebook like emoticon option onLongpress of a button - android

How to get Facebook like emoticons, on long press of a button? I want to show the exact replica of the same Facebook feature.

Here is one of the library like facebook react button FBReaction cheers


White Loading Screen when Login With Facebook with Facebook sdk: 4.11.0

I have implemented login with Facebook in my android application. I am using Facebook sdk: com.facebook.android:facebook-android-sdk:4.11.0 in my application. When I click on Login With Facebook button from an activity, first it takes me to a blank screen with a Loading text dialogue box and then come back to the activity from where I clicked it and then logged-in into the app.
I don't want this blank screen to appear, I want to directly login in app from the activity where I clicked the Facebook Login Button.
Please guide me if anyone know how to do this. Thanks a lot in advance :)
It's a good practise to try the latest version before thinking about fixing something.
latest version: 4.22.0
It sounds like your situation is you have already logged-in in facebook app of the device.
Now, facebook sdk default behaviour in this situation: show a small circle loading progressbar center of translucent screen.
It works as you expected.

Facebook share button for android

I'm trying to add to my android app sharing to facebook. I found all the code I need for it but is there a share button? I mean is there a premade button (similiar to the android g+ signin button (com.google.android.gms.common.SignInButton)? Or if not just the image to put on a button? I looked through the SDK and couldn't find it and their toturial mentions nothing of it.

Cannot see like option in facebook page from android device

I am trying to open a facebook page from my app in both android and ios. In ios the page shows LIKE button but in android it shows SUBSCRIBE button instead. Can anyone tell me how to change this to like button in android. I have given the screenshots below.
Solved this issue by using the URL fb://page/pageID instead of fb://profile/pageID

how to show a drop down like face book chat head in android

I need to show a drop down view when user clicks on icon.
How can i design please help me
You can check this:
How is Facebook Chat Heads implemented?
What APIs in Android is Facebook using to create Chat Heads?
The one which I refered is
You can bring the ICon on Home screen and based on the click event you can attach more Views to the same.

How facebook app implements draggable floating Button

I´m trying to get some information about how I could implement such a Button like Facebook does in the new version of the app. Actually I am not sure if this button comes from Facebook or from Facebook messenge app but it was the easiest way to have an example of what I would like to achieve.
They add a draggable floating Button anywhere you are when getting a new message notification, anybody has and idea about how they achieved that?
Thanks in advance.
Toucher: other app which uses what I´d like to achieve. Just below can find a link from Google Play
see if this help
this library has drag view outside the app