How to integrate visual codes using SiriKit in ios application? - swift

Wants to integrate visual codes with SiriKit using swift language.
Want to make payments, request payments and communicate contact information using scannable QR code. How to integrate and implement visual code with my application and scan visual codes using siri?

If you're wanting to make and request payments vocally, you can look at SiriKit and its use of intent domains.
If you're wanting to do it with your camera, such as with QR codes, you will want Apple's Vision framework. You'll find parts of the documentation specifically for barcode detection.


Paypal integration in Xamarin.Forms?

Do you know if there is any way to integrate Paypal in my Xamarin.Forms app?
My customer wants to include Paypal in the payment process.
Check this:
and read Wiki here:
And there are one more:
There is another option and that is to use BrainTree and integrate PayPal. Currently BrainTree isn't exactly supported on Xamarin.Forms but they provide easy to use GUI called Drop-In UI which allows easy implementation.
This is a bit more complicated than PayPal.Forms but it can integrate with other billing methods too like Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Google.
To implement it you will need to make native bindings of the Android and iOS functions to its C# equivalent (not sure about Windows Phone) and then create dependency services for both Android and iOS calling on those bindings.
You can create your own bindings or find existing ones in the nuget packages. I am currently using bindings created by NAXAM.

How to scan and read MICR code on Bank cheque using OCR scanner or any API available in MobileFirst Platform?

One of my android projects requires a feature of OCR reader to read the MICR code on the bank cheque leaf in. We have tried a sample code of android native application which is scanning the page and reading the maximum different types of fonts. But when scanning the MICR code, the app is not able to read the number and giving entirely different number. Please suggest if any feature available for OCR scanning in the MobileFirst platform, if possible please share the sample code. Please tell me whether it is possible to read a MICR code through the OCR scanner?
This is not really related to MobileFirst Platform. MobileFirst provides you with an SDK to connection to backend systems with a security layer via Adapters, and an application structure if you've created a Hybrid app.
However the client-side of the application is Cordova based. As such you can use Cordova plug-ins to add missing functionality. For example, this OCR scanner plug-in:
If you created a Native app, then this is really completely decoupled from MobileFirst and you need to find native libraries that does what you want, or write one such on your own.

integrate rest-api-sdk-php of paypal to an android app

I want to intagrate paypal into my android app, for that, I have integrate the paypal android sdk, but it doesn't fit to all my needs, because I need to custome langage and alert and so on
for that I am wondering if I can integrate the resp api sdk php of paypal into my android app and create my own view in android and communicate directly with my php server which in turn will communicate with paypal server
here is the php rest api here
what yould you advise me
thank you in advance
What is it that the PayPal Android SDK does not do for you, and/or what language do you need that we do not support? We have a pretty extensive set of languages for you to localize with.

Android Whatsapp/Chat Examples [closed]

Does anybody have an example or a tutorial for a Android application like WhatsApp? I want to understand how WhatsApp works and how it is programmed.
I want to see an example that uses a message-chat-system with "online"-status and "read the message"-information.
I used Google but I found nothing. Maybe someone has a tip.
If you are looking to create an instant messenger for Android, this code should get you started somewhere.
Excerpt from the source :
This is a simple IM application runs on Android, application makes
http request to a server, implemented in php and mysql, to
authenticate, to register and to get the other friends' status and
data, then it communicates with other applications in other devices by
socket interface.
EDIT : Just found this! Maybe it's not related to WhatsApp. But you can use the source to understand how chat applications are programmed.
There is a website called Scringo. These awesome people provide their own SDK which you can integrate in your existing application to exploit cool features like radaring, chatting, feedback, etc. So if you are looking to integrate chat in application, you could just use their SDK. And did I say the best part? It's free!
*UPDATE : * Scringo services will be closed down on 15 February, 2015.
Check out yowsup
Yowsup is a python library that allows you to do all the previous in
your own app. Yowsup allows you to login and use the Whatsapp service
and provides you with all capabilities of an official Whatsapp client,
allowing you to create a full-fledged custom Whatsapp client.
A solid example of Yowsup's usage is Wazapp. Wazapp is full featured
Whatsapp client that is being used by hundreds of thousands of people
around the world. Yowsup is born out of the Wazapp project. Before
becoming a separate project, it was only the engine powering Wazapp.
Now that it matured enough, it was separated into a separate project,
allowing anyone to build their own Whatsapp client on top of it.
Having such a popular client as Wazapp, built on Yowsup, helped bring
the project into a much advanced, stable and mature level, and ensures
its continuous development and maintaince.
Yowsup also comes with a cross platform command-line frontend called
yowsup-cli. yowsup-cli allows you to jump into connecting and using
Whatsapp service directly from command line.

Can I use for different NLP than it provide?

So I have built my chatbot with which provide different channels to integrate to like telegram , facebook etc. Now I want to build the same chatbot with the native iOS and Android platforms. So can use the's NLP for integrating smooch's native SDKs for buiding an native app?
Though I already know that I can use and other chatbot platforms which are listed on smooch's list. But for the time being I want to build it with the Is there any way using smooch with recast's NLP?
You could accomplish this by adding Smooch as a channel for
Here's the tutorial for adding a new channel
Smooch provides webhooks for new messages and other events you might want your bot to handle, and endpoints for sending messages from your bot back to the user