How can I connect an App to Thingspeak? - android

How can we connect an Android App to Thingspeak to retrieve data stored in the cloud?The data should be displayed as a graph in the application

ThingSpeak provides an API to read channel data. You would construct a URL that includes your channel ID and the number of points that you want to return. The API returns JSON formatted data. Your app would iterate through the returned data and build a chart.
If your channel is private, you will also need to provide a Read API Key.


How to get data from Parse?

After pushing the data on's app.I want to retrieve that data.I am defining the api_key and client_key in the android code.Now the problem is that every application installed will be having the same keys.SO if any device trying to fetch the data using parse query will recieve that data.if all the (client-server) sets are having the same set of keys than it will be the possible that data will be delivered to wrong destination.Should I have to assign every(client-server) set a new set of keys? what is the solution.I am new to parse please help.
Referring your comment, if you have different server then you can create different channel with using same keys for all clients.
What parse requires from you is , you should subscribe to a channel on which you will receive a push notification.
So keeping different channel you will achieve this. You just need to send channel to the client by some means.
e.g for client x channel will be serverA_yourchannelCreationLogic..
you can even use server ipaddress or hostname etc, to prefix the channel.

status: request denied when i am trying to find nearby data using place api

I am creating an android app: I am trying to show all the nearest gas stations.
But I can't get any data.
I used a JSON method for requesting place data and use both keys Android key & Browser key, but I can't get any data.
I tried google for a step by step tutorial.
I am used following link with API key for get search data,2.347589&radius=5000&types=food|cafe&sensor=false&keyword=vegetarian&key=AddYourOwnKeyHere
Please, anyone help me with this.

Need help for communication between server database and android app

I am developing an Android based app that does both the things:
Add data to the server.
Fetch data from the server.
Data consists of a multimedia file which can be either:
Picture + Some info about Picture
Video + Some info about Video
Simple Text + Some info about the text
In the above, info consists of things like Latitude, longitude, user name etc.
I want to know as to how to achieve the desired ?
I have been suggested to use JSON based object and pass it to the android app.
I know how to parse the JSON object but have no idea about things like:
How does the android app running on mobile device requests for JSON object ? (meaning which URL to ask)
How to pass the multimedia object (Picture/Video) from server to App in form of JSON object?
How to send data from android app running of android based phone to the server ?
Thanks in advance !
Let me try to answer your questions;
You need to have a service running on the server. Android parses the json and sends it to this service. So you will need to use the URL of your service.
You can pass multimedia objects to the service by converting it to a Byte or Base64String.'
With regards to how to parse the json and send it to the server, I'd recommend you look at google-gson. This is one of the most commonly used libraries when working with JSON
Look into this link for a more indepth tutorial on Json parsing
Note: While JSON is the recommended way to pass objects to and from the server, wsdl is another option you can use.
You can do that by converting to Base64String. Check this link

Appcelerator Requesting and using Json file

I'm learning how to use a third party API called Wunderground and I don't know how to request, receive, and use their results which is in a Json format.
If you see their website a developer can sign up for free and receives an API KEY. You can then request weather data in the following URL format..[FEATUREā€¦]/[SETTINGā€¦]/q/QUERY.FORMAT
So I have tried it in my web browser by typing some parameters and I received a very long Json file with the correct information (I checked). Problem is I don't have the slightest idea of how to create a variable which can make this request, and even if I was able to do that I don't know where should I receive the file and how to get only the results I want (in this case current weather).
You have to use Titanium.Network.HTTPClient to make request.
For code examples related to Json parsing you can use:
Appcelerator: Using JSON to Build a Twitter Client

Android: How to get product info after barcode scanning? [closed]

Alright, so I'm trying to write a program for Android for a project for school, I figured out how to use Intents to scan, but once I find a product, how do I get that info into my app? For example, say I'm getting info from, I would just add the barcode number to the end of the url, but then how to I draw that data in? The same with Google search, how would I draw the data and the image of the item into the app?
UPCDatabase doesn't seem to provide a API or other queries to do a lookup. So if you have to use UPCDatabase i would try to use a HttpClient and make a GET to retrieve the data from the URL your build with your barcode. Then you have to somehow parse the result so that you will get the information you need.
No. provides webservice to access data, which is providig xml-rpc webservice to fetch and add items to their database, for more information, you can look into below link,